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From Abuse to Abundance

From Abuse to Abundance

                  By my 6th birthday I had 6 different sexual abusers: my dad, my grandfather, a teacher, doctor, and neighborhood kids. I started to struggle with suicidal thoughts at 5 years old. I grew up paranoid and afraid. I trusted no one and saw no way out … Read More »

A Drag Queen’s True Transformation

A Drag Queen’s True Transformation

My name is Kevin. I am 35 years old. The man I am today, is not the man I have always been.  My life has been radically changed.  But let me give you a little history to set the stage: When I was just two years old, my parents got a divorce. My mom has always … Read More »

My Secret Sin

My life now is so very different. I love my time in the Word; with Jesus. I don’t seem to struggle anymore with same gender attractions, pornography or masturbation. I am truly experiencing the joy of the Lord. I have no idea what my life would be like without Living Hope Ministries, the love they have shown me, and the consistent encouragement to be in relationship with Jesus. They gave me a place where I was accepted, where nothing I confessed shocked anyone, and where the goal for me is a close relationship with Jesus. They walked with me, prayed for me, cried with me, encouraged me and loved me so that I can now walk in assurance of the woman I am in Christ. Thank you Living Hope Ministries.

How Can Living Hope Help You or Your Church?

Living Hope Ministries offers a variety of services to help those who are struggling with sexual and relational brokenness, homosexuality, and those who love them.  SUPPORT GROUPS We offer FREE weekly support groups. These meetings are confidential and a person must go through an intake interview prior to attending the group.  Intakes can be arranged … Read More »

I’m Not Leaving You

I lived with her for about a year, and even though I was ignoring the Lord, he was not leaving me alone. He would speak to me in the strangest places, and at the most inopportune times. One night I woke up thirsty. I stumbled through the house to the kitchen for some water. Opening the refrigerator door illuminated the inside of my arm, which bore the imprint of my girlfriend’s tiny cross necklace. In that moment the Lord spoke to me and said “I’m not leaving you.” I was furious.

Finding Hope

by Susan, 55 For most of my adult life I chose to believe the lie that I had a normal childhood with loving parents. The truth was I was a broken woman raised in an abusive home by broken parents. By the age of six I had experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and had … Read More »

From Leader to Liar… to Love

by Sarah, 31 My first event with Living Hope was the banquet in 2012. At the banquet I heard the stories of men and women whose testimonies were not too different from my own.  Stories of terrible pain and abuse – wrongs that should never be done to any of God’s children.  Stories of rebellion … Read More »

It’s Not About Me – In Their Own Words

By Samuel All it takes is a cursory glance at our world to notice that everything seems centered around getting people to worry about themselves. From multi-million dollar media campaigns to the songs sung in our churches, the message is that my personal preferences are of the highest priority and seeking after those things are … Read More »

A Place of Victory

by Nicky, women’s ministry participant Over time it developed into a severe addiction. Having been exposed to pornography by the time I went off to college, I began to question my sexual identity. While I had always found guys attractive, and I had avoided looking at women sexually or even being attracted to them, I … Read More »

Into My Africa

by Christena, 23 Three years ago I was sitting in a Living Hope banquet, flipping through one of these magazines, trying to stay focused on getting home to my girlfriend so we could go out to the bar. She did my hair that night. I remember how ironic all of it felt. I sat there … Read More »